Bella Rossi's big natural tits and juicy round ass are just begging to be tied up, spanked, shocked, and fondled. In this update Claire does all of the above and more! Bella is put in elaborate bondage positions and strap-on fucked, shocked with a variety of electrical toys, and made to cum over and over again. This is lesbian BDSM at it's best, hot female doms taking advantage of beautiful female subs. Don't miss it!
Welcome Krissy Lynn to Device. A former Hooters girl, Krissy has no real SM experience. Yes, she has been tied up and fucked, but nothing in her privileged life prepared her for what we did to her.

It was interesting to watch how she processed the pain, how she learned to deal, how she took harder and harder strokes to her feet. Never in her life had she felt pain like this and she was proud of her accomplishment.

Latex cat girl bondage and dildo play pics

Latex cat girl bondage and dildo play pics

Thorin has gotten bit by the Japanese rope bondage bug, and she has asked her husband about it so many times that he is taking on the role of a Master to show her her place. This damsel in distress has her small and perky natural tits tied up first, framed perfectly by shibari techniques.

She struggles a bit as the rope goes on her arms, but one sharp command by her now Master is enough to quell her resistance. Once her arms are secure, she gets tied down to the bed with her Master towering over her, getting her closer and closer to a subspace experience.

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Karin showed up ready to go, fuck toy & all... She is a lifestyle switch who know what she likes & knows how to get it... She arrived with her own fuck toy and kindly asked for me to use it on her for her Casting Couch. How could I say no to this 6' beauty?

It seems every time I walk into the casting office Ed has another beauty sitting on the couch just begging to be shot. So, I take them up on their offer! All of the CC girls are one of the following, some are all at once; New to BDSM, new to bondage, new to porn and ALL are new to Since they are untested I give them a small taste of what our shoots are like to see how they react. This is YOUR chance as a member to help us choose new girls to shoot.
So you love watching a girl get her pussy spanked? You love watching tit torture? You love watching shock treatments? Hey, have I got a movie for you! It is all here in this hot vid, tit torture and pussy spanking and lots and lots of shocking moments as the current is turned on and the juice flows freely. Well, of course when I said "juice" I meant electric current, but that is not the only juice that will be flowing. Your juices will be oozing rapidly too. Yes, it is all in one great movie: tit torture, pussy spanking, and plenty of electrical surprises. Do not miss this one!

Are you really into breast suspension torture? I mean really into breast suspension torture. Then you are going to go wild over this one. The Dom wears leather, a nice little touch, as she suspends the sub and does all kinds of deliciously cruel things to her. (You have to watch the movie if you want to know exactly what.) A blindfold, a gag, and lots and lots of rope "play supporting roles" in this sizzling vid. If you love breast suspension torture, you have gotta see this movie! But make sure to keep one hand free to tend to your...uh...immediate needs!
If you are gonna suspend someone by the breasts, make sure her tits are big enough to work with. No flat pancakes wanted! Well, the chick in this breast suspension torture video has titmeat enough for three girls, and all of it is getting squeezed and prodded and, best of all, tied up. Oh, wait! That is not the best part. The best part is the electrical shocks! Yeahhhhhh! She gets it good! All you aficionados of breast suspension torture, you are just gonna L-O-V-E seeing what is done to her poor squeezed and pulled and shocked titties. If you love tt movies, you have got to see this reast suspension torture vid!
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